Haut Ass Day

Haut Ass Day is a series of events celebrating collaborative creativity. The movement was brought to life by Hautkini, a women owned and inspired venture that taps into the positivity wave.

Because the fashion and modeling industries are becoming oversaturated, everyone is getting frustrated with the cut throat environment. There’s a noticeable shift towards collectivity and empowerment. The big idea behind the project is to create a space and time where models and photographers can perfect their craft, exchange ideas and network. Despite swimwear modeling being the recurring theme, a different vibe is set for each event. All creatives receive a mood board before the function and are invited to put their own spin on it.

Haut Ass Day San Diego kicked off the series and proved that gathering a group of creative minds results in nothing but pure magic. Good vibes and creative fluids circulated in the air, fuelled by good music, healthy snacks and not-so-healthy drinks. The turn-up was captured by 5 different photographers, some shots having a rather candid feel, the others ending up with a more high-fashion, polished look. But aside from dope imagery and endless social media content being created, the friendships and connections established are where Haut Ass Days’ true value lays.

Now go check out all the hotness from HAD SD. If you want to be a part of the next Haut Ass Day go follow Hautkini on IG and stay posted! Next dates and model auditions will be announced on Instagram, but if you’re hyped and want more info right away, feel free to slide into the DMs! The main requirement is good vibes. 

Hautkini is all about love and empowerment, egos and emotional baggage are to be left at home. Brands are very welcome to join the cause.


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