About us

haute [ōt], adjective

  1. high-class or high-toned; fancy
  2. high; elevated; upper (French)

Elevating femininity to a new level. The minimalistic yet brave design allows you to feel confident in your own skin and be that fierce babe who knows her worth. Every piece is designed to flatter the curves of a woman's body. Created by a woman, to worship women.

The Big Idea

hautkini came to be with a purpose to fill out a gap in the swimwear world. Because where do you go when you need an affordable yet flattering bikini? Vast majority of swimsuits available at lower prices are simply ugly. They're either covered with a tacky print or borrowed the design from your granny's panties. No woman out there wants to go into the sun wearing diaper-shaped pants and bras that just make boobs look deflated. On the other end of the swimwear spectrum are those beautiful little Lycra pieces of art. But a $100 for a square foot of fabric, are ya'll for real?! In my world, bikini times are fun times. You're not supposed to worry about sitting your beautiful ass in the sand, scared to throw away that hard earned dollar.

What makes hautkini different

Deep Boob and Deep Booty are hautkini's signature cuts, designed especially to make your feminine curves pop. A deeper and more rounded cleavage makes your breasts appear perkier, especially if mother nature blessed you with lemons rather than watermelons. The rounded-high-cut leg openings, with a mid-to-high rise difference in waist line bring out that coke bottle shape without leaving you with too many tan lines.

As no two bodies are the same, most hautkini pieces are adjustable. Going for that minimalistic look, typical bikini ties (which sometimes look messy and are less than comfortable) are replaced by sliders, just like the ones you find on your bra straps.

hautkini, in short

Flattering, fashionable and comfortable swimwear at affordable prices.

About me

Hi, I'm Zuza. Hautkini is my love project, my baby. Having a prosperous construction company as my main business venture I realized I needed an outlet for my creativity too. You know, to scratch that itch deep inside. Coming from a fashion and marketing background, I asked myself how could I share my perspective on beauty with the world, and fill out a market gap. At that time, I kid you not, a light shone down on me, and an idea of a bikini brand was born. After all, how many times have I bought a swimsuit that did me no favors and didn't show any respect for current trends? And how many other women feel the same way? Now... all my stunning ladies, I give you hautkini. As it is in its infancy, I'm the captain and the crew of this ship. So whatever observations, suggestions or complaints you might have, please feel free to get in touch. You inspire and motivate me every day. Let me give you, what you want...

Reach me

via e-mail: info@hautkini.com, zuza@hautkini.com

via phone: +1 858 260 9510

via IG: @hautkini, @zuzawroblewska

via FB: @hautkini, @cocolocostarr

via Twitter: fuck it, I still don't get it


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